I want to be who I am because, if I lose that, then what am I doing this for? It’s not about fitting in. If you don’t fit in as yourself, then you don’t fit in.

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I want to urge all of my followers to keep the fire of Ferguson alive. I know that saying “THERE’S ROOM FOR THIS ON YOUR BLOG” and “SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE” are tumblr cliches that we roll our eye at but it’s imperative that everyone spread this to the best of their abilities. We are blessed with social media that is too big, that moves too quickly and freely for any police force to shut down or threaten with arrest. If you have an audience of any size, if you are at all invested in this as you should be, do not stop reblogging, retweeting, sharing, posting. Spread this as far as you can. It’s the least you can do and for many it’s all the power they have. Own your media and do not let anyone go uninformed

This is even moreso important in this particular situation in which they are actively forcing the media OUT of Ferguson. The police are keeping the media from reporting, arresting journalists, and refusing information to spread through large media.

They do not want people to know what is going on. They don’t want people to know what is happening. The police want to get away with this. They want to create a zone to hurt and kill.

Right now, social media is the strongest way for information to spread. Share from people in Ferguson. Tweet residents’ pictures and videos. Share streams. Don’t let Ferguson police shut down media outlets.

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